A & A Vacuum Mart Videos

Get to know us before you shop

At A&A Vacuum Mart we have over 50 years experience repairing and selling new and used vacuums.  We’ve created these videos so you can get to know a little about us and our family owned vacuum cleaner business before you start shopping.  Weather you’re looking to buy a new vacuum or get your vacuum cleaner serviced, we would like to help you become an informed consumer.

We answer the most asked questions like, “Are Bagless Vacuum cleaners the best way to go? and, “Are Specialty Vacuum Stores more expensive or will I save more money shopping with an Authorized Repair Center?”

If these video’s don’t answer all of your questions, or if they create even more questions, stop by or give us a call any time.  Vacuums are our passion and we here to help.  Thanks for stopping by…

David Lord & Family

The Best Vacuum Cleaner for $200.00

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good vacuum cleaner.  And you don’t always get a good vacuum cleaner if you spend more money.   David Lord, owner of A & A Vacuum Mart explains how to get great value for you dollar and how to identify a good vacuum cleaner.



How to clean your Dyson or why you should leave it to the professionals...

If you own a Dyson and want to maintain it properly, this video is for you.  It’s a cute video we found on youtube and goes through some of the nastiness if you care to do an annual cleaning on your own.  Keep in mind that this is a good starting point.  A & A Vacuum Mart goes way beyond this basic cleaning when your ready to take a pass on the do-it-yourself route.  It takes about a 1/2 hour to do it yourself.  Make sure you’re not wearing your nice clothes.   It’s a dirty, messy job, but if you insist… We recommend a thorough cleaning once a year for heavy use, and every other year if your an occasional vacuum user.   Even though you can wash your filters, we recommend replacing them optimal performance.   Enjoy!    

Are All Vacuum Motors Equal? Plastic vs. Metal

As a consumer, you don’t know how your vacuum is manufactured.  Metal vs Plastic, which is a better material for building durable vacuum cleaners.  David Lord explains vacuum motors from an insiders viewpoint.



The Best Carpet Stain Remover Ever!

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to remove pesky carpet stains?  David Lord, owner of A & A Vacuum Mart a local expert on carpet care and maintenance has been recommending one product for over 6 years.  Discover the Best Carpet Stain Remover ever made.



How to Pick the Best Carpet Shampoo Extractor

Tony Lord Shows you the Best Carpet Shampoo Extractor available on the market today and shows you what to look for when shopping.



How Important is Aggitation on a Vacuum Cleaner

Most People think that suction is the most important factor when choosing a new vacuum cleaner.  This short video comparing the well known German Brand, Miele, against the American Made Riccar shows why suctions plays a smaller roll in carpet cleaning than you may have realized.