Lightweight Vacuums

The Riccar SupraLite vacuums may only weigh eight to 11 pounds, but they deliver powerful agitation and airflow to revive even the dirtiest of carpets. These ultra-lightweight vacuums take the work out of vacuuming and are easy to transport between rooms and up and down stairs.

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SupraLite r17 Premium Lightweight Vacuum

Lightweight vacuum uniquely designed to clean ultra-plush carpet.



SupraLite Premium Lightweight Vacuum

Deep cleans carpet with two speeds, HEPA media bag and the durability of a lifetime belt and metal brushroll.

R10 Premium


Cordless SupraLite Lightweight Vacuum

Conveniently cordless, powerful cleaning with LED lights and a slim nozzle.

R10 CV


SupraLite Standard Lightweight Vacuum

With a HEPA media bag and fast and powerful multi-floor cleaning, there’s nothing standard about this SupraLite.

R10 Standard


SupraLite Entry Lightweight Vacuum

Just eight pounds and only the features you need for superb carpet cleaning.

R10 Entry

Clean Air Vacuums

With advanced HEPA media filtration and powerful attachments, Riccar clean air vacuums are versatile and durable. Stretch hoses, telescopic wands and onboard tools help you easily clean quickly from floor to ceiling.

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R25 Standard Clean Air Upright Vacuum

Reliable cleaning performance on all types of floors, plus maneuverability and reach.



R25 Deluxe Clean Air Upright Vacuum

Powerful cleaning to combat allergies plus advanced design that makes it a delight to use.



R25 Pet Premium Clean Air Upright Vacuum

Outstanding maneuverability plus premium particle filtration and odor control, dirt sensor and pet hair remover tool.


Tandem Air Vacuums

Tandem Air Technology combines two types of cleaning technology into one vacuum for exceptional carpet cleaning, strong suction for attachments and advanced HEPA media filtration.

Dirt settling deep in carpet cuts into its fibers and destroys the carpet over time. Tandem Air vacuums harness a direct air motor to agitate and pull deep-down dirt from your carpet, along with a clean air motor to increase suction. A flip of a switch shifts cleaning to the tools. Our Tandem Air vacuums also combat odors and particulates with smart placement of filters. All Riccar Tandem Air vacuums have earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute.


Tandem Air Premium Pet Upright Vacuum

Ultimate cleaning machine with our highest level of particle and odor filtration on an upright vacuum.



Tandem Air Deluxe Upright Vacuum

Power, durability and HEPA media filtration flex their muscles in this dual-motor vacuum.



Riccar canister vacuums are suited to homes with a variety of flooring surfaces. With various nozzle options and floor attachments, Riccar canisters easily move from carpet to hard floors. They’re always ready for above-the-floor cleaning with tools to tackle every cleaning task.


Prima Straight Suction with Turbo Nozle

Prima with the floor turbo nozzle is a delight to use for spotless bare floors and area rugs.



Prima Power Team with Full-Size Nozzle

HEPA media filtration, odor control and superior carpet cleaning with a slim, low-profile nozzle.



Prima Power Team with Tandem Air Nozzle

Riccar’s most versatile canister with sealed HEPA media filtration and charcoal odor control.