Air Purifiers

We’ve seen the vacuum business change a lot through our three generations of A & A Vacuum Cleaner Mart family business.  In the early years, the only job of the lowly vacuum cleaner was to remove debris from your families floors.  As time and technology progressed, the world realized that picking up dirt was only the first half of the equation.  It turns out that some vacuum cleaners were redistributing fine dust back into the air your family breathed.  As filtration became better and better, it was clear that one of the most important jobs a vacuum cleaner performed was not only removing dirt from our floors, but also keeping the air in our homes clean as we vacuumed.  Today, better vacuum cleaner dealers are educated and knowledgeable experts in air purification as well as vacuum cleaners.

At A & A Vacuum Cleaner Mart we’ve added Air Purification to our product line-up to benefit our clients that have concerns about allergies and air quality as part of their regular home cleaning tasks.  We’re proud to carry a broad line of products to fit all of your air purification needs within a budget that you can afford.  We have divided our Air Purifiers into Good, Better and Best. Ask for a demonstration today.

Sirena Twister
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Boneco P400 Air Purifier
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Austin Air HM400
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IDEAL AP40 Pro Air Purifier
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