Rebuilt Vacuums

A & A Vacuum doesn’t sell the typical used vacuums because you can find those anywhere. You’ve seen them before: dirty, old vacuums that were someone else’s broken vacuum before.

At A & A Vacuum, we only sell $400.00-$500.00 and up vacuums at around $100.00. We will only sell rebuilt machines that are top of the line, in perfect condition. Vacuums that we can stand behind and always get parts for. A great, safe buy.

At A & A Vacuum we always say, “Those under $100.00 big box store new vacuums have a payment plan: $89.95 for the original purchase and about $80.00 a year in repairs. When you get a rebuilt vacuum from A & A Vacuum, you get a top of the line machine that will last a minimum of 5 years with regular care.